Sunday, February 2, 2014

Clean Eating on a Budget

When discussing organic food and eating clean, a valid concern for many is the higher cost of most certified organic products. Enjoying pesticide, antibiotic and herbicide free food is relatively convenient and inexpensive through the summer months within our local markets and farm stands around many rural, but finding organic groceries during the winter time can be difficult and costly. Personally, I try to eat organic as often as possible, and while there is still argument surrounding the nutritional benefits of eating organic depending on the organization funding and conducting the research, my choice to eat clean makes sense to me based on my research and discussions with nutritionists, farmers, naturopathic doctors and health care professionals. I buy 80% of our household meats from Windmill Meats in Salmon arm, because the animals are raised and killed in cruelty free ways, they are grain fed, and they aren’t given antibiotics or steroids. These meats are not certified organic, and therefore the prices do not reflect typically hefty certification costs. With a little research, you too may find that there are local farmers practicing humane and healthy meat practices in your area. Finding affordable organic winter produce nearby has proven to be a little more challenging, and has been the inspiration for this article. While pregnant and shopping at a wholesale style budget grocery store, I was very turned off by the thought of eating pesticide -laden fruits and veggies. I was more insecure about the idea of feeding a multitude of chemicals to my unborn baby. So out of necessity, I turned to good old Google in the grocery isle to find out which inexpensive, non-organic produce was safe for my baby and I to eat. I was absolutely thrilled to find a study conducted by the Environmental Working Group that  lists 15 non- organic foods that are practically pesticide free, otherwise known as the “Clean 15”. Here is the list in no particular order.

  •      Onions
  •      Avocados
  •                 Pineapple
  •      Mango
  •      Sweet Peas
  •               Asparagus
  •               Kiwi
  •               Cabbage
  •                Egg Plant
  •      Cantaloupe
  •      Watermelon
  •      Grapefruit
  •      Sweet Potatoes
  •      Sweet Onions
  •      Sweet Corn (non GMO)

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