Monday, March 9, 2015

Doctors Called Him a Medical Miracle. Here's How Mark Auger Beat Terminal Cancer.

When I heard the news that my high school friend Mark Auger beat inoperable terminal cancer at age 32, I had to find out how. I interviewed Mark, and discovered that he was given a prognosis of 0% chance of ever being cancer free. Mark wasn't ready to give up though and alongside his traditional treatment (which was estimated to be under 40% effective, if at all) there were 4 other key complimentary components that he believes led him to total mind, body and spirit wellness. 

1. Making the decision to beat cancer, and working intentionally every day to maintain unwavering positivity. "I asked the universe for a miracle, and I believed I would receive one." Mark took an intense inward journey to find mental calmness and peace. "Intention is such a powerful thing. I created an intention of healing, love and hope," Mark professes. "Of course I had down days, and that's when my family would step in and hold the hope for me; they believed in my miracle."  During this challenging time, Mark relied on the powerful mantra: "You can't control the waves, but you can learn to surf."

2. Changing his diet. Mark transitioned to a raw, vegan, nutrient dense diet. "It's amazing how much energy you have when you are taking care of your body."  Mark's new eating plan was full of cancer healing antioxidants and alkaline foods. 

3. Working with healers. Healers showed up in Marks life, and with perfect serendipity they helped him on his journey. "I decided to make choices based in love rather than fear" It was scary to walk through some of these doors, but I let love lead the way." With the help of these amazing wellness mentors, Mark began exercising daily, meditating, incorporating Buddhist philosophy, creating positive affirmations, and receiving energy work daily. 

4. Support  from family and close friends. "I really believe the support from my family pulled me through cancer. They never saw another option besides healing, which helped me stay focused and strong."

Mark has been cancer free for four years, which has been called a medical miracle by his physician. These days Mark has been keeping up his active and healthy lifestyle, and he is giving back to his community through organizing wellness fairs. The proceeds of these events fund a non profit organization that Mark founded for at risk youth and children in need. "I realized through this process that life is about giving back, I want to help others and help them create positive change in their lives." 
To learn more about Mark Auger, Transformational Wellness Coach, and how he's helping his community, visit:

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