Monday, April 21, 2014

4 Awesome DIY Makeover Tips to Make You Look Young and Chic

Have you been feeling like your look could use a quick pick-me-up before summer? Dry skin and less than radiant winter complexion got you down?  With continued use of these all-natural home beautifying methods, you’re sure to look and feel younger and more polished just in time for our favorite Shuswap season.

1.     Avocado Hair Mask- Avocados are full of proteins and vitamins, including A,D,E and B6 as well as magnesium, folic acid, amino acids, copper and iron- all of which can help with hair growth and nourishment. Avocado and olive oil are a dream team for a half hour hair mask that will leave your strands shiny and growth prone. Follow this simple routine once per week for best results:
·      Mix one tablespoon olive oil and half a mashed avocado.
·      Spread mix on tresses from roots to ends (if you have greasy hair, don’t cover roots)
·      Once the mixture is spread evenly over hair, cover with shower cap or plastic cling wrap, and blow dry for 10 minutes
·      Rinse, shampoo and condition hair

2.     All Natural Teeth Whitening- Nothing brightens a face like well kempt pearly whites. To whiten your smile for a youthful and polished appearance, follow this easy and inexpensive toothpaste recipe:
·      Mix 1 part peroxide with 2 parts baking soda (modify recipe for preferred consistency)
·      Add a few drops of pure peppermint oil to taste
·      Brush teeth for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.
·      Repeat twice per day for at least two weeks to see a noticeably whiter smile

3.     Lemon Juice Facial- The acid in lemons exfoliates dead skin- making it look brighter, as well as lightens age spots and freckles. For a miniscule fraction of the cost of a spa treatment (typically $100 and up), you can perform a nightly facial peel in the comfort of your own home for pennies. The treatment will cause a slight tingling/ burning sensation, if you experience great discomfort, rinse face with water and discontinue use.
·      Squeeze fresh lemon juice into container/ use pre squeezed pure lemon juice
·      Pour a tea spoon of lemon juice onto a paper towel or clean cloth
·      Wipe juice all over face
·      Repeat, giving age spots extra care
·      Apply sunscreen to skin following treatment
·      Repeat daily

4.     Coconut Oil Hand and Body Scrub- The benefits of coconut oil on skin are numerous; sun protection, bacteria and fungus fighting, acts as antioxidant and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles to name a few. That is why this DIY body scrub is so awesome. Use it daily on face, hands and body for exfoliating and moisturizing bliss:
·      Heat 1 cup coconut oil in a stovetop pot until it becomes liquid
·      Add half cup of quick oats to pot
·      Add a quarter cup olive oil
·      Add a quarter cup of coffee grounds to pot (add more for more exfoliation)
·      Add a dash of vanilla for aroma
Stir ingredients together and pour into storage container. Stir mixture occasionally until it begins to harden. Store at room temperature or above (the shower is a great place to store and use this delicious scrub)

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