Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Science of Smudging

In the process of creating a comfortable and cozy home yoga studio, I wanted to give the space positive energy before I opened the doors to the community. The decor was calming and simple, and I wanted clients to feel an instant comfort as they entered the large empty room.  In my experience, rooms that are used for meditation carry a very fresh and clean feeling, so I decided to meditate in the space, with the intention of filling the space with the loving feeling of being wrapped in a soft warm blanket. During the meditation I received an intuitive feeling that I should smudge the studio with sage and sweet grass, as I had seen other healing practitioners do. I knew that smudging is an ancient spiritual purification practice, but I didn't understand what physical benefits smudging offers from a scientific standpoint, so I dug into some research on the matter and found some scientifically backed benefits of smudging. 

The reason smudging offers physical health benefits is due to the negative ions created when certain herbs are burned. A molecule which loses an electron is positively charged and a molecule which attracts an electron is negatively charged. In a negative ion rich atmosphere, one will feel happy, invigorated and less tired. These great benefits occur because the brain chemicals serotonin and melatonin are automatically increased. Negative ion environments will also promote deeper, more satisfying sleep, which is why we experience very fulfilling sleep by the sea; another area full of negatively charged ions. You will also feel the impact of these molecules in areas near waterfalls and streams where water is moving quickly. There are plenty of resources on line that teach how to smudge using plants for spiritual or physical purposes, so research and give it a try if you would like to feel happy, well rested, energetic and refreshed. 

Jennifer Szabo
Transformational Wellness Coach
Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor
Yoga instructor






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