Monday, November 24, 2014

Ask This Question to Squash Winter Blues

Life coaching is all about asking strategic questions that empower the client to create positive changes in their lives. While some questions are fairly standard problem solvers, others can have a very profound impact on our consciousness. One of my favorite questions can be helpful this time of year when combating seasonal sadness in the sunless Shuswap. Through the winter, due to a lack of light, our bodies produce less serotonin which is a chemical that helps us to feel good, and elevates our mood. Less serotonin can lead to moodiness, sadness, loss of energy, depression etc. for anyone who suffers from a mild case of the winter blues, this question is a great pick me up. This question prompts us to make choices from our highest self. This question helps to immediately shed the petty behavior of the ego. This question is a motivator. This question brings us from victim mentality to a place of power. This question is so effective, and yet so simple. This question is:

What would I do if I were absolutely awesome?

What would you do? 

When you decide what awesome looks like to you, and you shift into your awesomeness you will modify your behavior in positive ways, and one awesome act will prompt the energy, courage and gumption for other positive actions. 
If you can incorporate this one question into every dreary winter day, and follow through with a fabulous behavior, believe me, the results will be big. Your level of life satisfaction and mental happiness will remain high through the gray, cold days to come. What are you waiting for? What would you do right now if you were absolutely awesome? Now go do it, be awesome, the choice is yours. 

Jennifer Szabo
Transformational Wellness Coach
Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor
Yoga instructor

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